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Optical Cable Termination Kit (OCT)


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Mini Splice Closure can replace the current FDF for Space Saving

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Professional Quality Testing Program for Network Switches.


Key Features

  • SOLMate Optical Cable Termination kit is a solution for terminating small optical cables
  • Optical cable is distributed with 4 cores of 3mm drop cable in a small space by removing Fiber Distribution Box (FDF)
  • The enclosure is water and dustproof for outdoor use
  • It can be applied to narrow and limited spaces

Optical Cable Termination Solution Construction

Optical Cable Termination Solution

  • Remove FDF connection point
  • Overcome the various problem by Fan-out of optical cable connection point
  • Fan-out kit distributed by 3mm special cable is connected and assembled by SOLMATE Connector Maker
  • Possible to expose cable terminal outdoor, allowing dustproof, waterproof and shock proof
  • Resolves unnecessary space usage and failures by not using the terminal box


Existing household terminal box: Various terminals are installed in a narrow standardized area

  • Applicable to Fiber terminal box, UTP terminal box, Coaxial terminal box
  • Applicable to Power terminal and various type of cables
  • Applicable to Service operator’s ONT equipment or L2 Switch

Due to the narrow space, it is difficult to work with optical cable


No need separate installation of Fiber Optic Terminal box

  • Firm protection at Optical distribution point (Prevent water, dust and shock)
  • Uses 3mm drop cable tube for distribution patch cord allowing exposure at UV ray and preventing shock
  • Optical cable connector making point is simple and clean
  • Splicing point protection is inside the connector, so no need of separate terminal for protecting splicing point



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